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22 Best Quotes for a Fearless Life


22 Best Quotes on the Fearless Life

Say what you want to say

Jill Jacinto Updated Nov 10th 2014 8:41PM


I had the good fortune to attend Cosmo's Fun Fearless Life weekend, the inaugural women's conference of Cosmopolitan magazine. Inspiring? Where do I begin? Here are 22 nuggets of wisdom I picked up from the awesome attendees.

TwitterGabby Bernstein

"Our presence is our greatest source of power. Our presence is what makes people want to hire us." @GabbyBernstein

Motivational speaker, Gabby Bernstein explained how your projection to the world is what captures an employer's attention. You could say all the 'right' things but if you don't believe in what you're saying and present confidence – you won't score the job, promotion, raise or new client.

"Unplug so you can hear yourself." @BEVERLYBOND

Beverly Bond, DJ and Founder of Black Girls Rock, encouraged the audience to take a step back and tune out noise to focus on your authentic self.

"Women are building this country! Creating 60% of new jobs and 100% of babies!" @ninagvaca

CEO and Founder of the Pinnacle Group, Nina Vaca inspired the crowd by reinforcing women's worth in the job market.

"Empower yourself. Don't sit in fear or be immobilized by the 'what if.'" @ItsGabrielleU

Actress and Activist, Gabrielle Union encouraged the crowd to stop playing the 'what if' game and start living.

TwitterKelly Osborne

"Do one nice thing for yourself every day." @KellyOsbourne

Fashion Police Host, Kelly Osbourne struggled to find her authentic self and got lost on a dark path. After a lot of self exploration (and therapy) she was able to find the good in herself, which motivated her to create her fabulous career on E!.

"Fashion acts as a conversation starter. Your #fashion speaks before you do. " @Vargas44

Katherine Vargas, Director of Hispanic Media for the White House shared that fashion in the White House is serious. She explained that not only is it a good networking tool but what you wear translates your professional brand before you have a chance to introduce yourself.

"Think about what you want to be noticed for before you get dressed." @Refinery29

Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29 Christine Barberich takes fashion seriously. The items you wear tell a story about who you are make sure that story aligns with your professional brand."

"Start changing our habits to start living our lives in a new way." @JasonSilva

Jason Silva, host of Brain Games on National Geographic , explored the need to interrupt your regular routine to find new opportunities.

"When we settle it's because we are living by someone else's rules." @JillianMichaels

Celebrity trainer and author Jillian Michaels told the crowd to stop settling. Don't let other people's negativity stop you from succeeding and living the life you want.

"You have to go beyond where you are comfortable otherwise you are not progressing." @dkny

Aliza Licht, SVP of global communication at Donna Karan and DKNY GIRL, the company's award winning Twitter account explained that being at a comfortable place is actually not a good thing. Shake it up. Go outside of your realm and keep growing in your field.

TwitterAlicia Quarles

"You don't become successful alone. You have to rely on other people." @alicialquarles

E! News correspondent, Alicia Quarles explained success isn't a woman job. A team of people helps her do her best everyday.

"If you don't put yourself out there, you aren't going to get anywhere." @ChristinaTosi

Chef and founder of the delicious momfuku milk bar, Christina Tosi's advice resonated with the crowd. If you aren't willing to take the first step and showcase your wants to the world - no one will hear them and your career won't be able to soar.

"Presence increases power & power increases presence. Fake it until you become the best version of yourself." @amyjccuddy

We've all heard 'fake it til you make it.' Amy Cuddy, psychologist and professor at Harvard Business School has officially given the free pass to do just that.

"It's good to be good. There's a helpers high in helping someone." @drmegjay

"The strength of weak ties. The unique value of the people you don't know well." @drmegjay

Psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Meg Jay instructed the audience not to turn to our internal circle of co-workers, family and close friends but instead reach out to people we aren't so close to. These people are more apt to see you and your work with fresh eyes and will be able to invite you to tap into a brand new network. She also explained there is science beyond why it feels good to help someone -- whether it's to find a date, new job, client or even restaurant recommendation. It feels good to be helpful.

"Network, network, network. Who you know is what you know." @SallieKrawcheck @EllevateNtwk

Sallie Krawcheck is a pioneer in the finance industry. In a sea of men, she'd often be the only woman in the room. She acquired 85 Broads and turned it into the Ellevate Network and truly felt her key to success was the people she met along the way.

"I do believe in fake it til you make it." @megynkelly

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has always gone after what she wants. She does not take no for an answer.

"Attitude and drive are your key to success," says @spanx.

Many women owe a huge thank you to Spanx founder and CEO Sara Blakely. Through sheer tenacity, she transformed the hosiery industry, and became one of the youngest self-made female billionaires.


Since she was the emcee, Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles had a ton of great advice for the crowd.

Learn what your maximum value is at your current company. @JoannaColes

Understand what the company can offer you monetarily as you move up the ranks.

What are her interview do's and don'ts?
"Don't tell @JoannaColes (or any boss) you need to leave by 5pm."
"Never plop you purse on your interviewer's desk." @JoannaColes
"I want to be surrounded by high energy and upbeat people." @JoannaColes
"I like fast talkers." @JoannaColes


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